Kaidi + Elle was created by award winning beauty and holistic therapist Tanya Cunningham.

The product was born out of passion for beauty therapy as well as organic and natural plant medicine, the journey began with 1 single balm and has now led to a range of wholistic skincare for every skin type and condition.

‘ Every day the Kaidi + Elle family grows, we have seen a massive increase since the pandemic began. I think people are craving nature and natural, they are investing in self care and conscious of the ingredients they are willing to place on their skin. We all want an experience, to feel pampered and bathe in aromas not only for the skin but for the mind.’ – Tanya

We are so grateful to all our amazing customers, they have allowed for the brand to grow and flourish.

If you have any skin related queries and need advice on the best skin care Ritual for your family or self please feel free to email me at info@kdelskincare.com, message me via Instagram at kaidi_elle_skincare .

‘ May your Day be as Flawless as your Skin’