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    KD & EL Natural Organics was founded in 2018 by Holistic Esthetician Tanya Cunningham, ‘ I have a passionate love for plants and there ability to aid cells in self healing’, using natural, organic plant based ingredients each product is handcrafted with love to indulge the senses as well as feed the skin.

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    She Looks Like a Right Bitter Old Women

    Have you caught a glimpse of your face when you’ve worked yourself into a bitter rage of anger? It can be intense, deep furrows, eyes narrowed, lips pursed…. I hope this is an emotion that doesn’t linger about to long for you but for some it’s an emotion felt daily leaving the signs on your Face! Research has found that anger is the most destructive emotion one could place on the body. Science has also conveyed that anger causes the body to age much faster due to the constant wear and tear of our stress hormone ‘Cortisol’ on our organs. This in turn decreases the production of collagen which is…

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    Take charge of your skin through Covid-19

    ‘Take charge of your Skin through Covid-19’ All of us as a nation are in this together, if you’re not a frontline hero then chances are like myself your listening to the advice and staying home. Some of us are trying to work from our homely haven and some are teaching the art of phonics and maths, some are doing both but all who are isolating are experiencing a little extra time in our daily schedules. So what can you do with that little extra time??? FAKE TAN Ditch the fake tan, embrace the lovely tone of your natural skin. Most fake tans have toxic chemical ingredients which cause a…